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Name To Write On Plate
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    Stainless Steel, Mica
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    10*3 inch
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Product Description

This aim mascot is small in size, which makes it most likable among others. Just place this on your desk and start getting energy from the very beginning. If getting selected in IPS is your preference then this aim mascot is for you. If you are a first-timer then certainly it helps you to keep rejuvenating yourself with motivation and passion.Sometimes because of some initial failures you just care to qualify for the exam and make you satisfied with the selection only. This aim mascot will help you not to negotiate with your DREAM.

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Aim Mascot/Memento is a bona fide and honest effort by Dras Academy to come up with the dreams of enthusiastic youth who aspire to shape the future of our nation by joining the elite class of civil servants.

Dras Academy recommends all the aspirants to use Aim Mascot/Memento only in your personal capacity to rejuvenate your motivation time to time. Do not use Aim Mascots/Mementos as a means of public show off.

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